Mark Henry Talks With the Media About Parenting

Mark Henry, CEO of Alloy Wealth and host of “Living Large Radio”, was recently quoted in a news story, “9 Money Mistakes Parents Make,” which was featured on three major news websites: U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance and WTOP-FM in Washington D.C.

As Mark tells all his clients, he believes that parents teach their children best by example—and they might not realize that their own mistakes and current actions could dictate their children’s future financial success.

He says, “Children end up doing exactly what their parents did. Kids who see mom and dad living paycheck to paycheck and buying whatever they want on a credit card may be destined for a lifetime of repeating the same pitfalls.” Mark says you should let your youngsters watch you create a budget, save for a purchase, and wait to score the best price on that purchase.

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