Kimmy Davis

Kimmy Davis

Kimmy Davis

Director of Client Relations

As the person in charge of making clients feel at home, Kimmy is the reason they are greeted by the smell of fresh-baked cookies when walking through the door. Whether coordinating the office calendar or answering the phone, she connects people with the right person to answer questions or execute the task at hand. As an investment advisor candidate studying for her series 65 exam, she also helps to host the Alloy Wealth educational seminars at the local college and spearheads current efforts toward new client growth. Her favorite part of the job is the clients—meeting them and hearing their stories. She is committed to doing her part to help them live with abundance and wants them to know that they can rest easy at night, knowing their financial future is in committed, capable hands.

Before joining Alloy Wealth, Kimmy worked 13 years in the foodservice industry. While she enjoyed the personal engagement and thinking on her feet, she wanted to transition into a career that would utilize her bachelor’s degree and allow her to truly help people. After meeting the firm’s CEO Mark Henry and seeing how he gave his time and knowledge of financial markets to anyone who was willing to learn, she knew she’d found an organization where she could develop professionally and put her business management degree to use. As someone who is passionate about a healthy lifestyle from the inside out, Kimmy prides herself on her ability to maintain a positive mental attitude and not sweat the small things in life. She is also a certified insurance consultant with her license in life.

A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Kimmy comes from a big family of five siblings and seven nieces and nephews. She is a financial supporter of the Mercy Me Ministries and volunteers her time to help package meals and donate food to local pantries. The ultimate dog mama of two rescued girls, Jody and Halo, she enjoys being outdoors and taking frequent walks and excursions to the gym. When not in the office helping clients, she can be found with her fiancé cooking a meal, reading a book, or visiting with family and friends.

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