The most recent Federal Reserve’s data shows that the average American has only $65,000 saved towards retirement. Most people would think that is a hopeless situation to be in, that they’ll never be able to retire or, when they do retire, they won’t be able to afford to do what they enjoy. Well, we know that even small financial changes made now can greatly affect when a person retires and how they retire. And the first step to living large in retirement is requesting a written financial plan. This plan is not a budget, but a snapshot of your current financial situation, goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. 

Many Americans have monthly budgets yet continue to struggle financially. Our founder and CEO, Mark Henry, has a passion for educating people about finances and investing. He is the voice of the Living Large Radio Show, has appeared as a commentator on numerous local and national TV shows, and offers financial advice on the Living Large Retirement YouTube channel. He has been quoted in various publications, most recently for GOBANKINGRATES. One article reveals how inflation is affecting women, written by Heather Taylor, and the other delves into Gen Zs and their retirement savings, written by Maddie Dulie

Offering advice is what Mark loves to do, and he and his experts at Alloy Wealth Management and Alloy Investment Management feel that written financial plans are the key to getting people on the right track, and helping them live more comfortably in retirement. That’s why these plans are complimentary. After receiving your written financial plan you’ll have the information and tools needed to make necessary changes to spending, which will allow you to increase monthly savings, and invest towards retirement. Then if you need help with Investment Management, Retirement, Estate, or Tax Planning, we’ll be available to assist with that as well. Call 800-689-3935 to speak with one of our team members.